Hardchrome Sales Western Australia

160 Welshpool Road, Welshpool WA 6106

Hydraulic Cylinder Overhauls

Hardchrome Sales specializes in hydraulic cylinder overhauls for the largest and most heavy-duty hydraulic machines. 

From heavy overhead cranes to large, powerful stripping benches, our operation is purpose-built and laid out to ensure swift processing of large excavator cylinders, luffing cylinders and suspension cylinders – among others – to a very high standard. 

The end-to-end repair process includes hard chrome plating, welding, machining, fitting and testing of all components including barrels, rods, clevises, pistons, and glands.

Streamlined Digital Repair Workflow

Our technology-led repair process is governed by an industry-first digital hydraulic repair workflow management system called Frontrunner. Using tablet computers to record and progress repairs at every stage, Frontrunner streamlines the repair process while ensuring 100% adherence to industry-standard repair procedures and accurate job history reporting. 


disassembly inspection

Using heavy overhead cranes, powerful disassembly benches and specialized, diagnostic tools, our experienced technicians meticulously dismantle cylinders with a forensic eye. 

Non-destructive testing is performed and accurate measurements are taken at every stage of disassembly. Care is taken not to damage to components such as cylinder rods, pistons, glands and seals, which may offer clues regarding the performance of the cylinder. Attention is given to the signs of expected and unexpected wear in order to assess the cause of failure in order to make accurate and precise recommendations for repair. 

Using the Frontrunner digital repair process, everything is photographed, measured and recorded using both digital and manual measurement techniques. Offering you complete transparency and confidence. Helping you to understand what is happening within your important hydraulic components. 

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