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Hard chrome plating is an industrial electro-plating process that is widely used in hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic cylinder rods

It is a very hard surface coating offering low friction and excellent wear and corrosion resistance properties. In addition, its properties allow components such as cylinder rods to be machined to very fine tolerances – with thin or heavy deposits and various surface finishes and roughness depending on the application. As such, it is perfect for hydraulic machinery where a high level of precision is required.

As a leader in the chroming industry with over 50 years of experience and knowledge, we have grown to become one of the largest chroming facilities in Australia. Strict quality controls and testing of solutions coupled with latest technology assures our customers of the very best product. Independent testing of all plating solutions is part of the guarantee we offer to produce the best quality at all times. Our range of tank sizes assures all industries that our capabilities can meet our customer’s needs, with 7 large capacity tanks that can accommodate the smallest pump shaft to the largest hydraulic piston rod.


Every hard chrome plating job must adhere to strict quality standards to ensure:

  • Comprehensive coverage with no “missed spots”.
  • Optimal adhesion to prevent peeling, blistering or lifting of chrome material from the base metal.
  • Optimal roughness / Required surface finish
  • No pitting, burnt deposits, no milky or dull deposits, no mud cracking or excessive microcracking

You don’t earn a reputation for excellent hard chrome plating products overnight. In our case, we’ve developed this trust over 50 years and thousands of plating jobs. Our reputation for quality is something we fight to protect with every rod that emerges from any of our plating tanks.

That’s why our team of hard chrome technicians is the most important asset to our business. Their skill, knowledge ensure constant, reliable quality and keeping this complex process in-house ensures we can keep a tight grip on quality while reducing turnaround times on every repair job.

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