Cylinder Grinding

Cylindrical grinding is the process of traverse grinding the outside diameter of the work piece, at Hardchrome Sales we use special cylindrical grinders to achieve this, and with these machines we can maintain strict tolerances and quality controls. Our surfaces finishes are regularly tested to Equipment manufactures guidelines and our polishing techniques help improve the life of your item.

With some of the largest cylindrical grinders supporting our production needs, with capacity to do the small pump shafts to the large rods used in mining, oil and gas industries we are able to support our customers with around the clock service for repairs and maintenance.

Any situation in which extremely precise metalworking is required, the cylindrical grinder is able to provide a level of precision unlike any other machine tool. From the automotive industry to military applications, the benefits the cylindrical grinder have given us are immeasurable.

Applications for cylindrical grinding include finishing bearing diameters and seal surfaces. Finish grinding hardchromed hydraulic cylinder shafts and hardfaced retainer pins. Sizing of hardened axles and transmission shafts.



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